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Since ancient times, our ancestors have known the secret to a healthy and prosperous life. They were beneficiaries to an intricate understanding of the sea, and its harvest.

Techniques learned and passed down generations between fathers and sons, or a group of brothers, or an uncle with nephews, on old wooden boats catching and preparing seafood for a living. This practice set the way for fishermen and fishmongers to provide for their families and communities. As time passed and sustenance fishing grew to industry, the traditions passed down from our forefathers evolved into a thriving seafood industry across the world. 


Alike our heritage, Nationwide Seafoods has the sea running in its veins. Family owned and operated trading strong for over 20 years, we specialise in fresh & frozen Australian and New Zealand seafood. Working with our fishermen and aquatic cultivators we select a range of seafood proudly supplied to premier restaurants and establishments through out Melbourne and Victoria. 


Trading as Nationwide Seafoods since1999, we are proud to bring the craft of our industry to a fresh and contemporary re-brand with roots to our founding heritage. With that, SEA Kings is born. 


SEA Kings is the story of the old greek fisherman. Standing strong and proud, his outspread beard embodies the wisdom and knowledge of all things Seafood. The ocean is his partner and provider. He serves as a Grandfather, mentor and teacher to the next generation of seafood custodians and seafood lovers.



Friends of SK-


Lisa, TONDA ITALIAN - Preston, Melbourne

"I can always depend on Sea King's. Their quality, service and knowledge is loved by all at TONDA Italian."


Nicola, Head Chef, TIAMO - Carlton, Melbourne

"The team are experienced and full of energy, they make working together a pleasure. It's refreshing to work with a family business."


Adam, Director, DEMAZZI - Essendon, Melbourne

"Demazzi have used the SK team for seafood, for two years. They'll go above and beyond to keep up with our busy restaurant, and we'll never change."

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